April 25, 2011

Spring Time!

Well everyone, it was a great first semester for the club.  We had plenty of events, fun meetings, a speaker, commercial, podcast (which will be up soon), and even got to present at the Unforum!  Not bad for a club only 4 months old.

So for Spring and Summer we will not be having any regular meetings or events, but that doesn't mean we will never get together for gaming!  Saturday online gaming is still going on, so every Saturday from about 1pm-5pm expect at least one member to be playing online that you can join.  We will be on Xbox Live, League of Legends, Steam, and several other online communities.  Don't forget to post your gamer tags on the Facebook page if you want to be able to add everyone!  We will also occasionally hold an unofficial meeting where we can get together and play games at someone's apartment, but that depends on time and availability.  If anyone is willing to host an event, feel free to tell us!

Projects for the club this Spring and Summer are getting the club banner completely designed so that we can get it made first thing in the Fall, making our club game, trying to get tickets for a video game event (E3, etc.), and getting two more podcasts done and posted.

I have started creating our club game and hope to get it done by Fall.  For those of you who didn't come to the last two meetings, the game will be a RPG Dating Sim set in BYU.  The titular character is a return missionary who has just entered his first semester at BYU and needs to get married by the end of his second semester or be condemned to shame and bachelorhood forever!  (Yes, this game is a parody of BYU culture)  Plans have already been made for a sequel that has the main character be a girl and an expansion that involves zombies (suggested by our Game Warden).

Right now, I need to decide which engine to use to make the game.  As such, I want your opinions.  Should I use an engine suited for making visual novels (which is what most dating sims are) called Renpy, or should I use an engine that would allow for a more traditional RPG?  If we do go for a visual novel approach, I would need help with the art because I can not draw very well.  Opinions in the comment section!

Hope you all have a great Spring!

Josh Matern
Gaming President


  1. A visual novel would be a lot easier to do artwork for.

  2. If we have a hard time finding someone in the club to draw for this, I might be able to ask the people I know on DevArt and see if they're interested in helping.

    As for my opinion, I think a visual novel would be best for 1)appeal - no one these days wants to play a visually un-appealing game, and 2)such a medium would allow us to tap into humor not available in a 'traditional' RPG.

  3. I have to admit that doing a visual novel would be very interesting, but I would definitely need help with the art. We will try and find someone in the club first before trying with DevArt, although that is a viable option. I'll look more into that particular engine. I'll also check out a couple of example games (freeware ones).

  4. Yeah, I think doing it as a visual novel would be the way to go. I can always ask Brit if she'd be interested/able to help with the artwork. I could help, but I'll admit I'm a tad rusty when it comes to drawing.

    I'm also willing to host a gaming party at my place. Just saying.

  5. If we want to use the visual novel engine, it says "uses a simple text-based script language to write games in. It uses Python."