February 27, 2011

Care Week and Speaker

Care Week starts tomorrow, but as for our club, we are having our event Friday.  It will be in the usual location in Room 365/375 of the Crabtree but the event goes from 4pm to 10pm.  There will be prizes for three different tournaments and of course there will just be casual gaming going on.  There is a $5 entrance fee which goes to the charity, but larger donations are encouraged! Something exciting for this event is that we actually have fliers now so we can get the word out much more efficiently!  There is also a Facebook event for Care Week as well which has been made by BYUSA.  I encourage everyone who is planning to go to register your attendance.  Just search for BYU Care Week and you should be able to find the event no problem.

In other news, after considering all of the responses we received, it seems that Wednesday night for dinner will be the best time to have the speaker come.  I told the Guildhall rep that a Wednesday night would suit us best, and he said he should be able to come April 6.  So mark your calendars for then!  We will start advertising for the speaker event right after Care Week so that as many people as possible can hear about it and come, but we will still have at least one more gaming event before that.

Next meeting will be led by our esteemed adviser, Dale Rowe.  He will be demonstrating how to turn a Wii-mote into an electronic whiteboard, so a $1000+ product for $25.  Remember, if you want to lead a meeting discussion, just tell us.  We look forward to hearing from everyone about video gaming subjects that particularly interest them, whether it be about FPS, the Legend of Zelda, how to optimize your computer for gaming, the history of video gaming, or anything else.

I hope everyone has a good week and we all hope to see you at the next meeting and at the Care Week event!  Game on gamers!

Josh Matern
Gaming President

February 21, 2011

News and More

Hope everyone had an excellent three day weekend!  I certainly enjoyed the club event that kick-started it and had a good time the rest of the weekend too.  Many thanks to everyone who made the club event so entertaining!

The most important news right now is that starting in March, all club meetings will be moved to Thursday.  They will still be from 7pm - 8:30 pm and will still be in Room 340 of the Crabtree.  This is to accommodate the numerous members who are starting a second block class that takes up their Tuesday nights.  Hopefully, this will allow some people who could not come to meetings before to come now.  We are very sorry for anyone who will not be able to make these Thursday meetings, but we still hope to see you at club events!

In two weeks, we will be having our charity event where we will be raising money for One Laptop per Child.  This non-profit organization supplies inexpensive, custom made laptops to children in developing countries in order to assist them in their education.  Their website can be found at http://one.laptop.org/.  We will be hosting a special charity event where we will have video game playing, video game contests with prizes, and a special marathon of Desert Bus.  For this event, there will be an entrance fee for everyone, which will be donated to the organization.  Anyone who comes is welcome to donate more if they so desire, but there will be a minimum fee.  When we have more details, we will let you know.

I am also creating a new discussion topic on Facebook where everyone can post their gamer tags if they so desire.  This will help us have our Saturday gaming meets where club members get online in the afternoon and play online together.  Your officers hope to be able to game with some of you on Saturdays!

That's the news of the week!  Look for an upcoming blog post about the speaker event for more info on that.  Later!

Josh Matern
Gaming President

February 16, 2011

Speaker Coming to Visit!

Attention all club members (and anyone else reading this)!  A member of the faculty from The Guildhall at Southern Methodist University (SMU) has asked to come speak with us about the graduate program offered at his university.  According to them, they run "the nation’s premier graduate program for game development education" and they would very much like to come talk with us.

The topics for the presentation, in their own words, "will center around our graduate program at The Guildhall at SMU as well as a scholarship that we are rolling out specifically for undergraduate students who wish to earn a master’s degree in art creation or software development for games."  We wish all club members to come! 

SMU has graciously offered to sponsor a lunch or dinner for our club, and so we wish to get a general consensus of when is best for everyone.  We were currently considering Wednesday for lunch at noon or Thursday evening for dinner, but we want to know when is best so please tell us.  Please respond on the Facebook group wall by next Monday evening. We will let everyone know what the official date and time is when it is decided.

Also, BYUSA has made it clear that they want as many people to come to the speaker events as to the gaming events, so we have made it a policy that if you are absent from the speaking event without a valid reason that you tell us before the event, then you will be unable to come to the next gaming event.  So if you absolutely can't make it, please let us know!  Hope to see everyone there!

Josh Matern
Gaming President

Video Game Music

Thank you everyone for coming to last night's meeting!  As promised, here is a few links you can follow for music-related websites.

The homepage for OverClocked ReMix.
The homepage for OverLooked ReMix.
The homepage for the Bad Dudes.
The homepage for Metroid Metal.
The homepage for the Video Game Music Archive

After the presentation, someone asked where I had obtained the Distant Worlds CDs, so I'm providing a link here.

Someone also mentioned Beyond Good and Evil as a great game for music/story/etc.  So, being the PC gamer that I am, I looked it up on Steam/Games for Windows, etc.  And found it on Steam for 10 bucks.  I plan on getting it, and I thought it would be nice to let you all know it is readily available as a DD.

If I forgot any links, or you want to share you're own, go ahead and comment!  That's what the button is for, after all!

Andrew Blomquist
Game Warden

February 11, 2011

Gaming Award News

The 14th Annual Interactive Achievement Awards has taken place and news about which games got awards is now out.  This award ceremony celebrates creative games and those who create them and is sponsored by The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS).  So basically it is an art and science award ceremony for video games.  Their pick for 2010 game of the year is none other than Mass Effect 2!  Congrats to that game and its creators! That is also more evidence that I need to play that game as soon as I can.

That wasn't the only award of course and many other games received a nice collection.  Red Dead Redemption, although missing out on game of the year, scored 5 awards this year.  Heavy Rain also made a strong show and received several awards.  A bit more of a surprise was that Angry Birds won an award as well as Limbo.

For the full list and article go to http://xbox360.ign.com/articles/114/1149224p1.html

I am glad that there is recognition such as this for video games as art and mostly agree with the awards they handed out, although sometimes it is nice to see awards given to games you wouldn't have given them to and find out why they chose that game instead.  The only fault I can find is that Halo Reach is not mentioned at all.  Seriously, what is up with that?

Gaming President

February 9, 2011

What's Update

Last meeting went well if I do say so myself.  It was fun and informative looking at all the new games coming out for 2011.  For those of you who want a list, one of the best ones I found is here:


It has the title, platform, and date for games that have release dates announced.  Check it out!  Too bad more people did not bring games for the bazaar, but props to those who did.  Our next meeting will be about music in video games and will be led by our very own Game Warden, Andrew.

The next event is all lined up for next Friday!  It will go from 6-11pm this time and we expect to have a Wii, two Xbox 360s, and 40 PCs.  It is in the same room as the first event.  Your officers hope that everyone can come!  The more, the merrier!

We will also soon be getting business cards and will hopefully have more time to advertise soon.  Also, we have put in the paperwork for our banner, so expect to see that soon too!  In addition, we now have a twitter account for the club.  Look for vgamebyu and follow club tweets.  Get the latest news!

Have a good week everyone and don't let those midterms get you down!

Gaming President

February 4, 2011

Multiplayer Gaming Event!

In case you didn't hear, the first event for the club will be happening today from 6 to 10pm in room 365 of the Crabtree.  Brings screens and consoles if you want, but games will have to be cleared by officers and the adviser, Dale Rowe.  Also, if you are planning on playing on the computers, bring headphones or ear buds.  Game on!

Gaming President

February 3, 2011


WHO: you & me
WHAT: game swap
WHEN: Feb. 9th @ 7:00 PM
WHERE: The Crabtree / Room 340
WHY: cuz we gamers

For next Tuesday's club meeting we are going to be having our first (of many) Video Game Bazaar!

Here's how it's going to go down:

We all bring games that we are willing to trade. We each set up our own little station (or if you prefer to act as a traveling tradesman). Then, we go nuts (as civilly as gamerly possible) trading the night away.

Trade for keeps or trade temporarily... the choice is yours! However, please do not bring $. This is not an auction or sale, it is a trading market.

Feel free to bring a laptop if you want to show trailers or clips of a certain game to help your pitch.

Trade on your own terms. VGAME is in no way responsible for your dealings. I recommend getting your fellow trader's contact information should anything go awry.

Please feel free to leave comments on this post (announce a special title you are willing to trade or perhaps a list the games you are looking for).

The more hype the merrier.


J.S. Lewis
Online Steward

February 2, 2011


So, I promised to post the links for the Freeware websites on the blog and I am making good on that promise. Here they are!


In case you want to play any of the games I showed at the meeting Tuesday, I will put those here too. Almost all of them can be found at the tvtropes.org link.

-the white chamber
-I Wanna Be the Guy (IWBTG) (By the way, I found out you can unlock the kid in Super Meat Boy. Naturally, he is the hardest thing to unlock)
-Yume Nikki
-Charles Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden
-The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Hope you begin to enjoy freeware games as much as I do!

Gaming President