February 16, 2011

Video Game Music

Thank you everyone for coming to last night's meeting!  As promised, here is a few links you can follow for music-related websites.

The homepage for OverClocked ReMix.
The homepage for OverLooked ReMix.
The homepage for the Bad Dudes.
The homepage for Metroid Metal.
The homepage for the Video Game Music Archive

After the presentation, someone asked where I had obtained the Distant Worlds CDs, so I'm providing a link here.

Someone also mentioned Beyond Good and Evil as a great game for music/story/etc.  So, being the PC gamer that I am, I looked it up on Steam/Games for Windows, etc.  And found it on Steam for 10 bucks.  I plan on getting it, and I thought it would be nice to let you all know it is readily available as a DD.

If I forgot any links, or you want to share you're own, go ahead and comment!  That's what the button is for, after all!

Andrew Blomquist
Game Warden

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