February 21, 2011

News and More

Hope everyone had an excellent three day weekend!  I certainly enjoyed the club event that kick-started it and had a good time the rest of the weekend too.  Many thanks to everyone who made the club event so entertaining!

The most important news right now is that starting in March, all club meetings will be moved to Thursday.  They will still be from 7pm - 8:30 pm and will still be in Room 340 of the Crabtree.  This is to accommodate the numerous members who are starting a second block class that takes up their Tuesday nights.  Hopefully, this will allow some people who could not come to meetings before to come now.  We are very sorry for anyone who will not be able to make these Thursday meetings, but we still hope to see you at club events!

In two weeks, we will be having our charity event where we will be raising money for One Laptop per Child.  This non-profit organization supplies inexpensive, custom made laptops to children in developing countries in order to assist them in their education.  Their website can be found at http://one.laptop.org/.  We will be hosting a special charity event where we will have video game playing, video game contests with prizes, and a special marathon of Desert Bus.  For this event, there will be an entrance fee for everyone, which will be donated to the organization.  Anyone who comes is welcome to donate more if they so desire, but there will be a minimum fee.  When we have more details, we will let you know.

I am also creating a new discussion topic on Facebook where everyone can post their gamer tags if they so desire.  This will help us have our Saturday gaming meets where club members get online in the afternoon and play online together.  Your officers hope to be able to game with some of you on Saturdays!

That's the news of the week!  Look for an upcoming blog post about the speaker event for more info on that.  Later!

Josh Matern
Gaming President

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