February 9, 2011

What's Update

Last meeting went well if I do say so myself.  It was fun and informative looking at all the new games coming out for 2011.  For those of you who want a list, one of the best ones I found is here:


It has the title, platform, and date for games that have release dates announced.  Check it out!  Too bad more people did not bring games for the bazaar, but props to those who did.  Our next meeting will be about music in video games and will be led by our very own Game Warden, Andrew.

The next event is all lined up for next Friday!  It will go from 6-11pm this time and we expect to have a Wii, two Xbox 360s, and 40 PCs.  It is in the same room as the first event.  Your officers hope that everyone can come!  The more, the merrier!

We will also soon be getting business cards and will hopefully have more time to advertise soon.  Also, we have put in the paperwork for our banner, so expect to see that soon too!  In addition, we now have a twitter account for the club.  Look for vgamebyu and follow club tweets.  Get the latest news!

Have a good week everyone and don't let those midterms get you down!

Gaming President

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