May 22, 2011

Summer Approaches!

Well, it seems like things are finally warming up for good here in Utah.   Time for an update on everything that has been going on!

So first off, apologies about the podcast.  I somehow lost the mp3 file for it and so have not been able to post it.  I am going to have to do a thorough search of my hard drive to find it, so I'll keep you updated.  Seriously, I don't know where it has gone!  The search function is not functioning!

In other news, our resident Game Warden, Andrew, is working on getting the website set up.  He is all ready; we are just waiting for the people at BYU to sort stuff out.  Seriously, with the service we get for clubs from BYU, I am glad they are not a hospital.  Most patients would be dead!  When the website is set up, we will be moving our weekly(ish) updates to there and the blog will be an opinion and news place where we will write commentaries and, of course, reviews.  Speaking of reviews, I will be posting several soon.

Game news!  Our game is progressing rather well.  I have the engine we will be using and it is rather simple to use.  All the female characters have been written up and we will be starting on the storyline, dialogue, events and scenarios.  The one thing we need more of right now is artists.  As of right now, Calvin has graciously volunteered his services as an artist, but we would like at least one more artist to volunteer so that things can progress quickly and smoothly.  Also, we don't want to put too much strain on Calvin!

At the beginning of June, we were contemplating on having a video game party with food.  Everyone would bring something to eat or drink and we could all play games together for a few hours.  If you have time then let me know!  Once I know who can come, I'll make a Facebook event with the date.  We can probably have it at my place in Highland/Alpine if that is not too inconvenient for everyone.

Lots of games have come out!  Portal 2, Brink, L.A. Noire, and scores more.  I am playing through Resonance of Fate so I have not gotten to any of the brand new ones yet, but if anyone else has then feel free to post a review!

All right gamers, nice talking with you and I hope to see you later! Peace.

Josh Matern
Gaming President

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  1. To be honest, I'm still playing through Dissidia Duodecim - the story is considerably longer than the last game, and longer than I expected.

    Don't worry guys, I'm working on that website. Once I finish bugging BYUSA some more, we might actually have something.

    Hope everyone is having a great summer!