September 12, 2011

BYU Club Kickoff and First Official Meeting

Hope everyone is doing well! BYU is having a kickoff event for BYU clubs and we are going to be participating. We can show people what our club is about while also presenting a music video we made. The music video is for the song "Still Alive" found in the game Portal. Other than the video, we will be advertising and playing video games (while advertising). Everyone is welcome to come and help! We are in need of TVs/monitors and video game consoles so let us know if you can bring any, but it is fine to come without bringing anything.  Please bring any games you have that are family friendly and good multiplayer games.  The event is Tuesday Sept 13 from 11:50am to 1pm at Brigham Square.

In other news, our first official club meeting will be next week.  I will update this post with the time and location tomorrow.  There will be some refreshments so don't eat too much for dinner.  We can't wait to see everyone!

Joshua Matern
VGAME Gaming President

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