January 25, 2011

Facebook, Volunteering, and Events

Because of the large number of people having trouble finding the Facebook group, here is the direct URL:


Unfortunately, we are unsure how to change the URL to be vgame instead of this long random number sequence, so if anyone knows how to do that, please comment!

We are currently welcoming any volunteers who would like to help with advertising or would like to lead a discussion for one of the meetings. Tell us when you can advertise and for how long, and if you want to do the discussion, tell us your topic and give us a brief outline. You can send the info to one of the officer's e-mail addresses or to the club e-mail vgamebyu@gmail.com. Our current schedule for advertising is this Wednesday 3-5, next Monday 3-5, and Tuesday 12-2, but send us when you can do it and we will reserve booth time accordingly.

Our event is coming up! Next Friday! We plan on having two projectors (for screens), two x-box 360s, an N64, and possibly a Wii, as well as about 40 computers. If you would like to bring a console or, even better, a screen then please tell us! You will have to sign a waiver that we (the club) are not responsible if anything gets broken, but if it does then take it up with the person who broke it. The more screens and consoles we have, the better!

Also, thanks to Jared for the excellent discussion today at the meeting, and thanks to everyone who came. We will be getting that xbox live guild set up as soon as possible, and we will get the Saturday online gaming routine established soon too. Hope to see even more people next week!

Gaming President


  1. I'm looking into creating a server for TF2, and will (hopefully!) have it set up for some event or something this Saturday.

    No guarantees, but I'll work on it!

    BTW: Anyone know how to let this blog know I have a profile pic? Its really annoying seeing a silhouette instead of my picture...

  2. Try this