January 4, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well, a new year has come, and a new semester with it.  Time for us to get our game on!  This year we will finally start having official meetings (hopefully weekly) as well as activities (hopefully monthly or more).  Also, we will be advertising the club on campus as soon as possible so that we can start getting as many members as possible!

Going along with all of that, I will be working with BYUSA to get our official club emblem (yeah, they really do that) and I am hoping to make it as cool as possible.  Also, expect to see club jackets and t-shirts available soon!  More details when those come.  Officers will also be regularly posting on the blog and elsewhere reviews, news, up-dates, and activity dates.  I hope we can all make this a great semester!

Joshua Matern
VGAME Gaming President

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