March 17, 2011

Current Events

What's up everyone?  Hope you are all doing well and having a great week!

Our next event and LAST gaming event for this semester is this Friday from 6-11pm in Room 340 Crabtree.  The ROTC has taken our usual spot.  This will be a CONSOLES ONLY event so bring any console and screen that you want so that more people can join the fun!  There will also be a Halo Reach Tournament with a prize for the winner, so get ready!  Please feel free to invite anyone you want to come.

We are currently advertising Monday and Wednesday from 1pm - 5pm in the Wilkinson Center every week.  We are also advertising Tuesday from 12-4, and any other day that people have time.  Seriously, there are always open booths that we can grab.  We encourage EVERY member to spend some time helping advertise, even if it is just for an hour.  We want to have as many people join as we can and get as many people to the Guildhall speaker and dinner event as possible.

Tomorrow, Thursday, is our next meeting so we hope to see many people there!  The subject will be on Professional Gaming, meaning when you play games for money.  It is sure to be very interesting and full of discussion.

We will be putting out a podcast and a commercial soon for the club so be ready for that.  We will tell you where to find them when we have them done!  We also will soon be making club t-shirts and want to know who wants one! They will probably be around $7.

Finally, a big welcome to our newest officer, Malia Beckstrand!  She will be our Keep Guardian (Treasurer) and will have all the duties and authority that come with the title, so please welcome her!  We are sure she will do an excellent job.

See you all next week and game on!

Josh Matern
Gaming President

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