March 8, 2011

March Video Games

FYI:  The facebook message saying to look at the newest blog post is talking about the one after this.  I am just a wee bit slow in getting my posts done.  Anyway, being the Game Warden and all, one of my duties is to keep people up to date with general gaming.  I say general gaming because I can't keep track of every freeware game that pops up, or the newest Jap-only puzzle game that came out yesterday.  So, I thought I'd start with a post showing all the awesome stuff the month of March has in store for us.  Ready?  Hope you are, because March is here whether or not you like it.

Rift, March 1st.

One of the newest MMORPGs out there.  Thankfully, this is offered via Steam, so I didn't need to look very far for some basic information.  I'd call it your standard MMORPG; quests, player-to-player interaction, guilds and stuff, but one of the big focuses for this game is its PvP action.  Why?  Because every article I read had stuff about the PvP.  The creators really like that aspect.

Pokemon, Black/White Editions March 6th

What can I say... its a Pokemon game.  Granted, I strongly avoid them because of my completion-ist gaming attitude.  With Pokemon, I ended up trying to get all creatures to level 100, then all evolutions of a creature to level 100, then each one with the different abilities.... suffice to say, I must avoid Pokemon.

Dragon Age 2 March 8th

Its Dragon Age!  Bioware is at it again, this time toting a more action-packed game than the game before it.  I found the UI of the demo much more user-friendly (I'm a PC guy, so I can't vouch for the console version) than the game before.

HomeFront March 15th 

Trailers call it the second American Revolution.  People are calling it awesome.  One more FPS to add to the list of games to play.

Dissidia 012 [duodecim] Final Fantasy March 22nd

Like I said in the last meeting, this game has got the weirdest name I've seen on a sequel.  I don't even try to pronounce it.  Sequel to Square's successful Final Fantasy Action/Fighter game, this one boasts more characters (to name a couple: Tifa, FF7, Vaan, FFXII, and Lightning, FFXIII), a world map, and better gameplay.  We shall have to see, just like any other game, I suppose.

Crysis 2 March 22nd

To be honest, I have yet to play Crysis, so I can't vouch for the awesomeness of the first game, but, if they're making a second, the first must have been successful enough.  However, I remember people saying Crysis made their computer catch on fire, so I can only expect the sequel to have groundbreaking graphics as well.

This is only a very small list of what is to come.  Please, please, please!  Feel free to add comments detailing opinions on above games, games that I failed to mention that you think I should have mentioned and you'll hate me forever for not mentioning, and anything else!  That's what comments are for, after all.

And... Now I need to go do my homework.  See you guys later!

Andrew Blomquist
Game Warden

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  1. Also for all you PC gamers out there, Total War Shogun 2 is coming out March 15th. I have loved the Total War series so I am sure this will be a must buy!