March 30, 2011

Latest Going-Ons

Hey there everyone!  Hope you are all doing well and are ready for our speaker to come.  Remember, in addition to the speaker there will be pizza and a fan art contest.  So if you want to enter, then feel free to do so!  There will be a small prize to the winner, and the winner will be decided by a written vote.  No talent required, it is supposed to be fun!

In other upcoming news, the Unforum will be occurring April 12 and our club will be part of the show.  The Unforum is basically a forum where campus culture is showcased, including clubs.  This will be a great chance to advertise our club and attract new gamers!  For the Unforum, we will be doing a small skit that will basically be an intro for clubs in general and then we will do our own skit that will be us explaining about our club in a creative way.  We are currently thinking of ideas for what we want to do and our deadline for our final plan is Thursday night, so we will be discussing it for part of our meeting Thursday.  In addition, we encourage all club members to come to an Unforum prep meeting next Tuesday at 7pm.  If you want to participate, you need to come, and we want at least 5 people to come.  There will also be a dress rehearsal  Monday April 11 8:30-10:30pm.  It will be fun, so come!

This next meeting will be led by Malia and will be about video games in fan fiction.  I am personally looking forward to this and believe it will be insightful and hilarious!  If you know anything about fan fiction, I am sure you will feel the same.  We are also advertising Mon, Tues, Wed before the speaker event so if you can help, please come!  We will be in the Wilk.  See you all tomorrow!

Josh Matern
Gaming President

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